Treks & Prices

We specialise in small groups of four or less who want to experience the incredible serenity that can only be found at high altitude. Treks range from 45 minutes to 3 hours and take in some incredible scenery and native bush, on our 600 acre sheep farm.

All of our horses are quiet and well trained and you will always be accompanied by an experienced handler.


Mountain View Trek $75.00 approximately 2 hours

Takes in undulating farmland, pine forest and great views.


Bush Trek $90.00 approximately 2.5 hours

Definitely for the more adventurous. This trek is seasonal and weather permitting. Stopping halfway around for a cuppa and afternoon tea. This trek takes in some incredible native bushland and pine forest. You will get to scramble up banks, negotiate swamps and skid down track, all on well trained, sure footed horses – not for the faint hearted.


Ridge Trek $100.00 approximately 3.5 hours

Whilst not as challenging as the bush trek this is anything but boring! You will still take in some native bush, but you will also climb a 1000 foot ridge to take in some spectacular views – all the way to Kapiti on a clear day. Afternoon tea and a cuppa will be provided, and on the way down we travel through a pine forest.


Woolshed/Hay Paddock Trek $50.00 approximately 3/4 hour

Short trek, easy riding, less than one hour. Suitable for beginners, families and children.


Hut Trek $90.00 approximately 2.5 hours

Bring your own packed lunch and trek through farmland and hill country to a rustic bush mans hut on the edge of the forest park, where you can enjoy the incredible scenery over a cup of tea, brewed on the open fire. Not suitable for total beginners or less confident riders.

Horse Hire $50.00 per hour

This is great for large groups i.e. schools, girl guides, scouts etc. You hire the horses for a set time and the guide will assist riders to either do your own thing or follow a set route. A great idea for people who just want the experience of being on a horse and don’t want to be out for a long time/


Basic Riding Lessons $50.00 per hour

Learn the basics of how to stop, start and turn your horse. Also learn some very important safety tips and what to do when things don’t always go right.


* All prices are per horse and effective until 1st April 2020


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